Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Machine safety

We are currently further improving our machinery safety in line with the European Machinery Directive. We make sure these stricter regulations are applied in each of our factories outside our Govt. to guarantee a high protection level of our workers.


We have established strict safety procedures, which are essential to avoid accidents. We invest in many safety programs and training courses to ensure these procedures become a daily routine.


We raise awareness on how we all should remain cautious. Acting responsibly sets a great example for others. In addition, we encourage constructive feedback. Our people are encouraged to report any unsafe situation and near miss incidents.

Towards our goal of zero accidents

We continuously hone our safety policy, by fine-tuning our targets and taking new measures. One ambition never changes: our zero accident goal. We are on the right track but we need to continue our efforts. Year after year, our global number of accidents and frequency rate have been dropping.